Application examples

Energy Management

energy management, Conscada, Scada, Iso 50001, Energiemanagement
Conscada visualized measured energy data and processes them. This allows that upper and lower values can be set as pre-alarm or alarm. Also automatic shutdowns are possible. Collected production data can be compared with the measured energy data and displayed as a chart or report. Collected energy data can automatically be summarized in  reports and send via email.

Production Management

Produktionsmanagement, Scada, Conscada, production management,

Keep track of your production detect failures early and discover the optimal parameters for your machinery. Conscada provides you with the necessary data on any PC on the network. This way you can always get an overview of productivity, generate metrics and evaluate their production via the logged data. Conscada observed not only your facilities but can on request also act interventionist. Either through direct user input, on regular events or on critical conditions.


Firefighting Scada - Conscada

Fast response times can save lives and property. For better orientation in case of fire and to coordinate help Conscada provides the oppertunity to locate the alarming fire detector. Conscada collects the data points over RTU or TCP / IP and provides this data across the network. Even the interruption of a data connection, such as cable breakage is detected by Conscada.

Laboratory Monitoring

Laboratory Monitoring Scada - Conscada

Conscada takes over the regular measurement of refrigerator temperatures, air particles, humidity, etc.. All M-Bus and Modbus supporting instruments can be queried by Conscada . The recorded data are obtained and visualized. If limits are exceeded Conscada alerts by a audible and visual alarm or sends a notification email to you .

Building automation

Scada building automation - Conscada

Next to the fire detection visualization Conscada visualize and control the lighting systems, ventilation systems, HVAC and access control. Conscada shows the states of the systems based on the building footprints and provides a simple and reliable overview of the entire building or plant.