Conscada is a flexible SCADA system that can be easily adapted to different requirements. Conscada collects data via different protocols and analyzes, displays and further processes it. Also logical processes, such as automatic shutdown or email notifications are possible.



Example Report

Conscada facilitates regular reviews of the obtained data. In reports, data points can be summarized and compared. Reports are created in fixed intervals and can be delivered  automatically via email to the responsible persons. Alarms and comments of employees are automatically included. This will keep you constantly informed.

Mailing lists

In addition to reports Conscada can send emails at defined events to you or a group of employees. Critical states are therefore not only displayed but also communicated. Maintenance intervals can also be determined via email and on-screen messages. This way Conscada supports you in recurring tasks.


Discover critical states of your investment immediately. Reports of malfunctions, errors or failures are shown exposed,  are signaled acoustically and also communicated  by email on request. Past messages are still available for information about the history. Conscada can track events over a longer period of time.

Easy to integrate

Conscada integrates into your existing network and allows the multiple use of a network. A mixed configuration is possible.

Utilize synergies

Take advantage of your existing PC workstations and network infrastructure. Conscada can be used from any workstation via a browser. No additional client costs incurred.


Grafical views

The individual design of the process images are the strength of Conscada. Graphical illustrations can be included for technical drawings, schematics, floor plans or photos and adjusted on operator skill. Status and measured values ​​of the system are represented with symbols, bar graphs, charts, scale values ​​or value displays. Subsequent changes can be carried out by the customer.

Data points

Each data point and its values can be viewed and analyzed individually. The values are displayed graphically and can be accessed unwrought and statistically analyzed.

Watch lists



By watch lists, data points can be composed to form individual watch lists. States and their values ​​are updated by Conscada in real time. The current values can be shown in diagrams. Various data points can be individually composed and monitored.  Quickly created watch lists are used for bug tracking, real-time monitoring and comparative status displays of plants.